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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Count me in for both days please
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    Melbourne/Vic 2018 Melbourne Mini - 2nd-3rd June 2018

    I'm in for both days
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    Security cameras

    You can have them stand alone attached to a monitor, But if you would like to access them via your phone or another computer you will need to have it plugged into your home modem.
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    Security cameras

    Hi DJ, Yes a NVR recorder and some Cat 5 or 6 cable, and some ends to fit off on the ends of the Cat Cable. They are very easy to set up. I purchased this for my parents last week, Aliexpress has a11.11 sale, $282...
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    Security cameras

    Aliexpress, XinRay Store. That's where I got my HIKVISION System,
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    Mega-Tree pole re-build question

    The mini trees I made, Rolled the bottom ring, Welded 4 bits of rod, them welded wire around the tree, Have 5 meters of Strip on them, Yeah you can buy them, but its fun to DIY
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    Mega-Tree pole re-build question

    I only learnt this year because I had to build a Mega Tree, brought myself a little MIG Welder, Not that hard if I can do it, welding my Snowflakes was were I started. ,
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    Mega-Tree pole re-build question

    I purchased one. I made all the bases rings for my spiral trees also with it. Like the bunnings ones, When you lay the pole down, I can tap it with a hammer and the hinge comes apart so I can store it.
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    Mega-Tree pole re-build question

    Mega Tree when almost completed, Welded bracing to the bottom that holds the hinged flat steel with the welded Mega pole. Once erected, I have bracing from 4 sides of the pole, I added turn buckles on the sides so I can adjust the pole either way incase the tree is on a slope. I attached a...
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    Mega-Tree pole re-build question

    This is the Bottom ring of the Mega Tree, I bent a full length of 1 inch square tube. Got two larger bits of flat steel and welded a hinge between them, I welded the Mega Tree pole to one of the bits of steel so I can lift and lower the pole. I cut 32 bits of small flat steel, drilled them...
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    Mega-Tree pole re-build question

    This is my Mega tree Topper, I rolled the Flat myself, and welded it together, I rolled two bit of flat the same, and the Boscoyo strip is between them and bolted together for extra support The centre bit was cut in half so I can remove it from the tree pole and I can leave the pixels...
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    Antenna recommendations?

    think the small cable supplied is for testing only, I received the small rubber ducky antenna with mine
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    Welcome Mushroom, This is my first year, never done any type of display before. I watched Matt Johnson's display and thought, I can do that.... Building stuff I'm ok with, the Computer / Tech stuff I struggle with. Big time... Everyone has there strengths Start early, Read, watch...
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    Virtual Santa.

    I purchased one off gum tree for the exact purpose, Its a bit old and big but does the job fine, SONY VPL- FX30 it cost me ABOUT $340 delivered