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    That's old news now lololol ........ BUT ......... Happy New Years Everyone :)
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    Happy Birthday ɟɐsʇǝppʎ

    Hope you had a good one mate :)
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    Another HI from Adelaide..

    Welcome to ACL mate, terrific to see another computerised display. I run an LOR display with 48 channels ...... I chose to go LOR as it was very user friendly and easy to set up. I wish you all the best with your RGB set up and hope that it is more reliable for you than the one that I see...
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    Happy Birthday Westons Lights

    LOLOLOL Mike ........ I'll treasure that one forever :P
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    Happy Birthday Westons Lights

    Thankyou Eddy :) Today is a lovely day ...... we've had lots of rain over night and woke up this morning to a little storm, but it's still a lovely day either way ... As for that cake ......... At this point in time, I'm not sure if one even exists for me this year lololol ....... there's been...
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    Christmas Car 2011

    Now that is just WIIIIICKED ....... I was planning to do something like that to my Falcon, but simply ran out of patience trying to figure out how to attach the lights lol ...... I've seen a few cars done with lights now, but nothing as spectacular as this one ........ Absolutely LOVE it :)
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    FM transmitters

    Last year I purchased the 'Whole House FM Transmitter' through LOR. I have it located nice and close to the front of the house, but do have an issue with low power lines here. Overall, this transmitter di quite a good job, but did appear to suffer from 'Atmospheric Interferance'. LOR have...
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    Spiral Mega Tree

    Sorry for the delayed response, had a lot on over the past week. I am yet to achieve the spiral tree, which is one of the reasons that this thread was started. I am honestly still a little confused with the concept, but will grasp it soon. I have an idea in my head of how to achieve the...
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    24V LED strings

    I purchased a few sets of lights from I was surprised with the quality of them and would class them as commercial grade lights... I haven't tested them as yet, as they have waterproof connectors on them. I will be changing them to all DC connectors very soon...
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    Spiral Mega Tree

    For those, such as myself, that are interested in the 'Spiral Tree', I found this 'How To Video'. It may help you in the designing of your own spiral tree. Hope it is a useful video. How to make a Spiral Tree
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    Spiral Mega Tree

    Good topic Alec, cheers for adding this thread :) If all goes well this year and I can get my head around the design process, then I will probably consider converting my 8 channel [8 strings] roof tree to a spiral tree. That is if 8 strings is enough too. I may need to call on your...
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    24v DC 120 [12 metre] LED strings

    Received my sample sets of lights this morning and was shocked to see that they had sent the wrong ones.I received the Icicle Style globes instead of the simple 5mm globe type lights. This isn't such a big issue because the lights can be exchanged for the right ones.The other issue that I have...
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    24v DC 120 [12 metre] LED strings

    I've just ordered a set of each colour for testing. Should have them within the next 5 days and will post up the results of my testing.
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    24v DC 120 [12 metre] LED strings

    I have just found this supplier in Queensland Does anyone know of them?? These lights are exactly what I'm after and would place my order right now, but I thought that I would ask if anyone knows of this store and the...
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    24v DC 120 [12 metre] LED strings

    I'm trying to find suppliers of 24v DC LED strings. I'm needing 12 metre lengths, minus the 8 function controller and power packs. This is what happens when you rely on a 'USELESS' 'UNRELIABLE' supplier in Adelaide. Anyone have any idea on where to get such sets of lights, do please leave a...