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    Happy birthday lithgowlights

    Happy birthday Dave..... hope you had a great one
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    Happy Australia Day

    Happy Australia Day all..... time to fire up the barbie and down a few frosties
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    What happens when you fall off a roof

    SM learned one of the fundamentals of RGB. Roof + Ground = Break
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    Cheap plug packs

    it would have been interesting to see the output noise
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    4-Way P-DMX Splitter (Non Isolated)

    Nice David. Can you outline the performance differences between this board and the isolated version please.
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    Hi from Burpengary, Queensland.

    Welcome to ACL Scott. Its good to see another Qlder
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    Want to remove flasher unit - help needed

    Jaycar are in Caboolture and will have a better range
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    DMX Splitter

    I am interested in 2 thanks David
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    DMX Splitter

    Excellent David...... I'll be interested in some dependant on cost
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    DMX Splitter

    anything designed to fit into a readily available enclosure is a winner in my book
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    Happy Birthday AussiePhil

    Hope you have a great one Phil
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    Happy Birthday ɟɐsʇǝppʎ

    Happy birthday Eddy.... hope you have a great one
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    Compact DC SSR for LED Canes

    I'd certainly be interested in some if you make them public David
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    cable identifiers

    I use these Dave
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    Hi from south side of Brisbane

    Welcome to ACL Lisa.