- help requested

  1. B

    Hi Friends - Help with a work project

    G'day friends, I'm hoping I can gain some insight into the complexity of a project I'm working on at the moment. I've worked through the manual as well as some basic tutorial videos on the internet and I feel like the design is achievable. However, I don't want to commit to purchasing the...
  2. B

    Newbie wanting to start

    Hi all, Im after some solid advice on where to start with all this as i have been interested in int for a while now. I have been trolling the forum for setup guides and examples on where to start etc and have had some major insight reference power injection, though the electrical side worries me...
  3. samber

    Help needed

    Just have a silly question my arches are showing a different colour than the one in the show. I have got the 5m DC12V 60leds/m 20pcs ws2811 ic/meter(20pixels) led digital strip;IP68;waterproof in silicon tube from ray wu. all of my other lights are bullet pixels and they are all showing the...
  4. T

    1st Display - Please Help Me

    Hey All, First time poster and first time displayer. Been a huge Christmas light fan but have only just moved into our own home after renting. Wanting to frame the roof line, garage and windows. Just wondering if I can get ideas on the best products and more importantly how to do people hide...
  5. S

    Help requested - PixLite16 Tree setup

    Greetings from the Gold Coast, I am setting up a musical sequence in xLights (2018-33) that includes a tree. This involves sending the sequence from my PC to a PixLite16 (static IP) controller. When I turn on the tree lights, it does not display what I am seeing on the PC screen. The tree...