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  1. NTKing(Brad)

    2018 Display Planning - On Hold

    It's March - time to start planning the new additions to the display for 2018. I was happy with the way the display ended up in 2017 for a first-year effort. Some areas that I need to improve on (wiring for starters) and just some slight changes to the existing items. Whats new for 2018? Making...
  2. Matthew Thompson

    Anyone in WA want a bulk buy from Ray Wu, Boscoyo or San Device?

    Addition to looking at bulk buying Boscoyo is anyone keen on a bulk buy from Ray Wu and San Device. I am looking to order by March 2018.
  3. Matthew Thompson

    Boscoyo Bulk Buy 2018

    To all, Looking to do a bulk buy as well as a stock of Boscoyo items for here in Australia. Wondering who is interested and what items does each person what? Thanks Matthew