1. AussiePhil

    GS8208 based Pixels - testing and evaluation 2022

    This thread will be about 2022 testing of the GS8208 based pixels and like Ryan's excellent thread some comparison numbers. Please read all the great info in Ryan's thread for more than I will type up...
  2. ryanschristmaslights

    GS8208 12V pixel strings - A wildcard third option for the 5V vs 12V WS2811 question?

    '5 volt versus 12 volt, which one do I choose?' How many times have you seen someone ask the above question? More than likely they are not sure whether to buy WS2811 5V or 12V RGB pixels. Well how about a third contender, GS8208 12V pixels? Not all 12V is the same, as it turns out! Spoiler...
  3. Q

    Answering questions about GS8208

    I see some questions from Alan ,and i find out the answer 1. If you lose 1 led out of the RGB does the pixel go dark with no colours shown or does it just show the other 2 colours. Once the pixel show with the dead-colour, the the pixel will go dark with no colours shown . For example, if R is...
  4. GS8208

    GS8208 is an 8-bit LED Driver IC for RGB Pixels from Genesis Systech. The IC is integrated into the 5050 LED. It incorporates gamma correction giving an effective colour depth of 12 bits for enhanced colour blending, particularly with dimmer colours.