bulk buy

  1. Giles1


    Hi All, Just saw these "G-Spheres" and I think they look awesome!!! However, as they are produced in the USA and I'm in Australia, the shipping costs are, at least for the Small and Medium Spheres, more than the Spheres cost them selves, which really makes it unaffordable for me to import them...
  2. Matthew Thompson

    Bulk Buy The Door Decor

    Afternoon all, So as i was showing the missus the plan for the house this year she saw the big double garage door banners from the door decor in the US. They are currently on special and we can get reduced freight as they can fit a few per box. Is anyone keen before i go and ask for pricing...
  3. Matthew Thompson

    Anyone in WA want a bulk buy from Ray Wu, Boscoyo or San Device?

    Addition to looking at bulk buying Boscoyo is anyone keen on a bulk buy from Ray Wu and San Device. I am looking to order by March 2018.
  4. Matthew Thompson

    Boscoyo Bulk Buy 2018

    To all, Looking to do a bulk buy as well as a stock of Boscoyo items for here in Australia. Wondering who is interested and what items does each person what? Thanks Matthew