1. Controller Passive PoE Solution

    Controller Passive PoE Solution

    In this video I explain how my Passive PoE solution works for powering my controllers full time, whilst allowing the pixel power to be switched off.
  2. ShireBrickz

    JANDS Stage CL as DC and Smart Digital Controller?

    Hi Christmas Lighting Aussies, As a complete newbie to the Christmas Light scene I'm after advice regarding the following lighting console / desk. The Jands Stage CL. I have access through my employer to one of these lighting consoles and was wondering if this would fit the bill as controller...
  3. A

    LED Rope Light Controller Memory

    Hello all, I found this forum in my quest to adapt my LED rope light controller so that it remembers the last setting it was on. I am technically minded and comfortable soldering in/out circuit board components, but I don't have an electronics background so rely on sites likes this to find a...
  4. solipsistic_journey

    Bypassing Transformer Portion of a Multifunction 3 Wire LED Module

    I’ve read the threads regarding bypassing the flashing module on the E248402 Circuit (JT-EL/FC31V3.6W-E CZJUTAI and similar controllers. What I would like to do is take advantage of the control/flashing side and connect a 12VDC power supply and connect the lights, which are 12VDC. Can I just...
  5. F

    Off Grid Controller Setup - First timer

    Hi all, This is my first pixel project, so apologies for the basic questions. I want to create an off-grid led show that will run for around 8 hours. I plan to sequence around 8 hours (8 x 1-hour sequences) worth of music in Xlights. The show will be in an area with no wifi/internet...
  6. 9CA4B9B2-BAAE-4F9B-B87F-CA3AE3DB6B92.jpeg


    PCB track side
  7. 2163B006-90FF-4BB0-9CED-C30F4E2CA5A5.jpeg


    PCB component side
  8. Mischka

    P5 LED Board Setup Problem

    Hi Everyone, I've just got my P5 and HC-1W all connected up and running but I can't get the text message to appear correctly its just showing half the text. I'm thinking it has something to do with the size setting, but I've loaded the parm's from the HC-1W controller, so the sizing should be...
  9. S

    Answered How can I include a dumb pixel item in my display

    Greetings, I have a PIxlite16 controller with various WS2811 pixel strings and strips, but want to include a dumb pixel item or two (eg star or angel) in my display. Taking into account the current draw of a single node, would control for the dumb objects have to be separate (ie run from relays)...
  10. Pooch

    Lighting novice

    Hi everyone , in my long search for information on Christmas lighting I have finally found this forum and I'm eager to get started. As someone who only changes the light bulbs at home when they blow, I think my plans are above my capabilities and would appreciate any info to get me started...
  11. QLDKing(Brad)

    STOP! Go Backup Your Sequences, NOW! And everything else.

    This was posted on the LOR forum, but it is probably a timely reminder to backup everything at this time of year, regardless of what software you are using. Also, a good reminder to back up all your controller settings, music and video files, and anything else related as well. If you are new...
  12. S

    1st pixel tree need your input

    Total newbie , want to build 1st pixel tree, what controller to use, do I need Lor programming to run it ? Where to get good pricing on pixel strings ,
  13. Giles1

    What's your Pixel Favourite Controller?

    I have already ordered a premade E131 Pixel controller in a small weatherproof enclosure, which should be arriving towards the end of the month. I’m just starting off, so I’m really looking forward to both my first order of 12v Pixel Lights and my controller arriving, so I can actually have a...