1. DMX2-24 & ESP32 Controller Build

    DMX2-24 & ESP32 Controller Build

    In this video I explain how my DMX2-24 string controller box is built, including the custom E1.31 to DMX board works.
  2. L

    Starting the basics and need a point in the right direction

    Hi, first time poster and looking to start the light show worm hole in 2024, I currently have a large stock of Bunnings style 2 wire string lights and am waiting to have some of these incorporated in the first year. I have been looking at / recommended the Hansen Electronics Dmx2-24 Ready to...
  3. SimoG

    DMX2-24 | Connect 2 strings in parallel to same channels. Would it work?

    I'm curious if it would work to connect 2 runs of 2 wire string lights to the SAME terminating block on the DMX2-24. I assume you would have to do it with identical lights (same manufacturer/model, # of lights, etc). Would it work? Is it a dumb/dangerous move? I have a number of strings with...
  4. SimoG

    Xlights | DMX2-24 | Bunnings lights - What are the best effects to use?

    Evening All! This is my first year of 'stepping up' the christmas lights. Last year was a number of 2-wire Bunnings lights, however having them all flash out of sequence caused me some significant distress! This year I am fixing it with a DMX2-24 to at least bring different runs all flashing...
  5. E


    Could I please get some help with setting up the DMX2-24? I have it functioning and working in test mode but I have a few queries I need a bit more clarification on. I have it connected through the DMX port 3 of a falcon F16v3. I assume I don’t add the controller as it’s own set up in the...