1. S

    Backyard Lighting with ESP8266 and WS2811 LEDs

    Hi guys, I've been messing around with RGB strips on and off for a while, never really doing anything "helpful" with them... now, I've got a new patio up in the backyard and I want to add my strips around the patio for some extra added lighting, and to put all of my strips to good use for a...
  2. P


    Hi everyone! I am new to PC-based holiday light shows. In the past 4 years I learned Arduino and put up some simple sequenced shows (animations only) using ~10x ESP8266 modules as receivers/controllers and a ESP32 as a broadcaster (over WIFI/UDP) to all the ESP8266s. I programmed the shows in...
  3. David_AVD

    Wi-Fi Pixel / DMX Controllers

    Another board I've made recently uses the ESP-01 wi-fi module to provide a pixel or DMX output. It runs the most excellent ESPixelStick firmware. Pricing is not yet finalised. Here's a temporary product page. The pixel and DMX versions will have different part numbers. The pixel version has...
  4. darrenr

    Starting out and looking for Esp8266 info..

    Hey Team, I'm a Noob here, and am starting from scratch and planning a setup with maybe a couple of thousand lights to begin with. To set the scene, I live in a semi-detached house with a small front yard and most of the lights will be on the facade of the house (outline) and the front fence and...