1. Mark_M

    Repairing my faulty F48

    Here's a write up and video about me fixing my F48 not powering on. My light show was running fine December 4th 2023 up until 9PM. At first I saw the network ports indicator lights were off and the OLED was displaying 'Idle'. On power reboot the board did not turn back on. Uh Oh! The next...
  2. Kavee

    Falcon availability in Australian shop

    I saw some Falcon inventory is back in stock. F48 and smart-receivers are available, but unfortunately no V4 stuff yet.
  3. Behind the scenes 2021

    Behind the scenes 2021

  4. Pixel strip in school production.

    Pixel strip in school production.

    School production 2021. Controlled by a Chamsys MQ60 sending sACN to a Falcon48 and differential receivers.
  5. Mark_M's display - Behind the scenes.

    Mark_M's display - Behind the scenes.

    Behind my small lightshow.
  6. Falcon Differential Smart Receivers and xLigths Setup

    Falcon Differential Smart Receivers and xLigths Setup

    A quick video on how I do set up the Falcon F48, Falcon Differential Smart Receiver in xLights V2020.39
  7. darylc

    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 buy

    This thread is for purchasing a selection of Falcon Pixel Controllers and accessories. As in previous years I am working directly with David Pitts at Falcon Christmas (falconchristmas.com) to import some of his boards directly from his manufacturer and distribute them locally. Please carefully...
  8. Whole house - Side angle

    Whole house - Side angle

  9. darylc

    Falcon pixel controller firmware thread

    In this thread I will post what I know about Falcon firmware. This is not a support thread. If you think you have a problem with Falcon firmware I recommend you post on the falconchristmas.com forums. Upgrade instructions https://pixelcontroller.com/firmware/How to Update Firmware.txt v2.50...
  10. ElSalZi

    Manuals - F48

    Clearly I'm looking in the wrong places, but could someone that knows please send me a link so I can find and read the Manual for the F48 controller and the subsequent Differential boards... please... I've been scouring the Falcon forums for links, found that they also have a Falcon Sales...