falcon f16v3

  1. M

    F16v3 ports not working past port 4

    Hi folks, I have an F16v3 whose ports aren't working past port 4. The lights work fine on ports 1-4. Ports 5-16 aren't completely dead. The first pixel seems to work but nothing after the first pixel. I'm testing with the physical test button on the board to isolate against any software issues...
  2. xgonnahaveitx

    Need falcon f16v3 help asap please

    Ok so anyone have any idea could be wrong? I hooked my f16v3 up so I could test lights, and the oled wont come on, the 2 led liights arent lit up either. I tried to reset the board, but no dice I had to replace a fuse on the power input but dont know why. My psu's are all running the...
  3. Mischka

    Falcon 16v3 stopped working!

    Hi Everyone, I need some help please!!! Last night I was testing out my two controllers (Falcon 16v3 and PixLite 16 MK-II) using xlights test function on the individual ports and things were going great lights were flashing and chasing. Then during a test of chase lights it froze and then the...
  4. firebat

    First WS2811 Pixel System

    Hi All, Firstly, awesome community you have here lads!! Everyone is super helpful and keen for lighting madness! Shoutout to @darylc who is a uber legend sending through a special edition F16v3 quick smart. So anyway.... I've been reading, searching and attempting to answer my own questions...