1. edmon

    ECG-P12R Firmware Upgrade

    I am converting my ole p12r board into a testing box for various node types and I am looking for the firmware update to allow the board to read 2811 nodes. The website appears to be in the middle of an upgrade and did not see a download for firmware. If anyone has a version that I can use, that...
  2. J

    nECG-DP2 HTML Problems Fixed!!!

    We finally found the problems with differing browser connections to the nECG-DP2. Attached is the newest firmware. -Ed
  3. J

    Initial ECG-P12S Firmware Released!!!

    FINALLY!! We just finished the initial release of the ECG-P12S firmware. Those users that have received a new ECG-P12S will need to download the attached zip file and use its contents to install the firmware. -Ed
  4. J

    newest code for ECG-D2, ECG-D4 - v2.6

    a quick prelim post of the hex for the original and new v2.6 code for ECG-D2 and ECG-D4. finally - keep alives should be working right!!! please test and advise. we will add this to our web site soon. just wanted to get this out ASAP. -Ed