led strip

  1. W

    Is my Wiring OK? - WS2811 LED Strips

    Hi all, New to the forum and I'm not too sure if this question is allowed because im using an Artnet to SPI controller, however it maybe could be of help to others in future! I am looking to install WS2811 LED Strips inside coving on walls for a down lighting effect. I have drawn up a wiring...
  2. B

    Where to inject power on long tuns of pixel strip

    I am planning to replace about 50m of ropelights with pixel strip. In order to make it easier to mount The strip will be mounted in 5m lengths of "air seeder hose" The strip is 12v in 5m rolls with 30 LEDs per meter. Is this too long a gap between power inject points? Does 30 LEDs per metre...
  3. Derf

    Has anyone bought from dhgate.com

    Hello! Just been browsing around to source WS2811 Strip as I have been informed that Ray is quite busy. I have found 5m Weatherproof roll on the site DH Gate. here is the link to the one I'm currently looking at...