1. S

    Networking Hardware Compatability

    Hi all, I am trying to enhance my home network to accomplish separate VLAN's for: 1) personal trusted devices, 2) IoT devices and christmas light show, 3) guest wifi network. While I realize that this might be slightly overkill, I am hoping to learn more about networking in general as part of...
  2. S

    Building Home Network

    I am moving into a new home that does not seem to have any coax connection installed inside the home. I don't think there is even a connection coming into the house from the ISP, but I am fairly confident that the ISP will be responsible for that. Given this somewhat blank slate, I am trying...
  3. Sydney Mini 2017 - E1.31 Controller Networking

    Sydney Mini 2017 - E1.31 Controller Networking

    Presented by keithsw1111. What is a typical E1.31 controller show network? How can you bridge together a separate controller network with your regular home network using a Raspberry Pi running Falcon Player?
  4. Sydney Mini 2016 - Networking

    Sydney Mini 2016 - Networking

    Presented by bpj1980 for the 2016 Sydney Mini. Networking (switch vs router, ip addresses and subnets, pinging).
  5. djgra79

    unicast vs multicast & ideal network setup

    I'm sure this could have been covered before, and it may even be a case of Ford Vs Holden (Kia man now myself btw) but looking for feedback on broadcasting your show via unicast vs multicast. As discussed at the Melb Mini this year, it was pointed out that for larger channel count shows...
  6. Adelaide Mini 2015 - E1.31 Networking Tips

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - E1.31 Networking Tips

    Presented by AussiePhil for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 2. Multicast versus Unicast. Wifi or Wired Networks? Do you need the features of a router or is a sw...