1. L

    Controlling multiple addressable strips without BBB Cape

    Hi! I am brand new to this forum, so if I am stepping out of line by posting this question please let me know and feel free to point me in the right direction of existing threads. I have been tasked with a rather unique project involving wearable led displays. Essentially, I need to be able...
  2. NFI

    XLights to Falcon Player to BegalBone Black to Octoscroller P10 help

    Help needed please I have been doing Xmas lights now for three year using LOR setup and Pixel lights, and now moving forward would like to use a P10 matrix in my display. I have purchased a BeagelBone Black, Octoscroller and 4 x 32 x 16 P10 panels. I have worked out how to install Falcon Player...
  3. AAH

    P10 freebie

    For anyone buying 4 or more P10 panels from my site I will throw in either an Octoscrolla or a rPi-P10 to allow controlling them from either a BBB or a Pi. When ordering just say which you'd prefer. I also have stock of the IDC cable and IDC crimp connectors needed for making up custom length...
  4. Sydney Mini 2017 - P10 LED Panel Matrix

    Sydney Mini 2017 - P10 LED Panel Matrix

    Presented by lithgowlights. Considerations when ordering from AliExpress suppliers, other types panel types, etc
  5. Adelaide Mini 2015 - BeagleBone Black as a controller

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - BeagleBone Black as a controller

    Presented by darylc for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 1. Uses for the BeagleBone Black as a controller, particularly to drive a P10 panel matrix with the Octoscroller cape