p4 panels

  1. rustybiker69

    Beagle Bone Black P4 Panels running low on storage

    Hi, Haven't had this problem in previous years, but my BBB that is running my Matrix is saying it is low on storage. I have moved FPP to emmc and I guess it is using that for storage. I have been including the P4 matrix in the sequence uploads from Xlights, so this is no doubt chewed up some...
  2. LED Panel suppliers

    Please ensure the type of LED panels you buy are known to work with the control method you intend to use.
  3. LED Panel compatibility

    If you're thinking about an LED Panel matrix with P10 or other kinds of HUB75 based LED panels you'll want to check that the kind of panel you buy is compatible with the controlling method you'll be using. A particular panel controller w...