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  1. Merlin

    Thai of Melbourne

    I am Thai of Melbourne. Friend's xmas lights were impressive. Resistance has been futile. Zero experience. No shed/garage. Few hand tools. Year 1 goal: 3m mega tree. Will retro post xmas 2021 and then go from there! Secured a few pieces, including Ray Wu 12v regulated lights, 3x Meanwells, a...
  2. Garage icicles

    Garage icicles

    Made from 5mm corflute and 25mm conduit from Bunnings. Holes were punched by a hot circle punch, this melted the edges which helped with rigidity. This was made to align 12v regulated Ray Wu icicles to a grid for text and other effects.
  3. Mark_M's display - Behind the scenes.

    Mark_M's display - Behind the scenes.

    Behind my small lightshow.
  4. 12v pixel voltage regulator tolerance.

    12v pixel voltage regulator tolerance.

    Voltage tolerance of 12v pixels from Ray Wu (Rita lighting). Video response to thread: https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/12v-resistor-and-12v-regulated-ws2811-pixels.12161/
  5. Whole house - Side angle

    Whole house - Side angle

  6. Mark_M

    Best sellers to buy from

    Hello there! Like you, I like a bargain and to find the cheapest price out there but there is a point when an item is too cheap and dysfunctional. I'm asking if anyone knows what the best sellers are on eBay and Aliexpress are, besides Ray Wu. I'm primarily wanting to know of eBay seller because...
  7. Matthew Thompson

    Anyone in WA want a bulk buy from Ray Wu, Boscoyo or San Device?

    Addition to looking at bulk buying Boscoyo is anyone keen on a bulk buy from Ray Wu and San Device. I am looking to order by March 2018.
  8. wce06

    Ray Wu Icicle animation using xLights

    Morning All, Have been away for a little while but have spent the past 12 months building and getting my first pixel display ready for this year. Was hoping someone can point me in the right direction for some information on how to animate the below icicles i purchased from Ray using xLights...
  9. Assembling Mega Tree Boscoyo pixel mounting strips

    Assembling Mega Tree Boscoyo pixel mounting strips

    Assembling pixel mega-tree strips with a pixel press this week and thought I would document the process. Parts from; Boscoyo Studio - www,boscoyostudio.com Ray Wu - www.aliexpress.com/store/701799