roof out lines

  1. kmadsen15

    Making 2 strings from different ports into 1 continuous string.

    I'm using a K16A-B and because of the power and where I wanted my controller I have it in the middle of my setup, with one string of lights on my eves going left, and one going right. Each has 100 pixels. I'm having a really hard time getting these to act as 1 string. Even when grouped...
  2. Heath-LightsOnTapley

    Diffused look for roof strips, advice on plastic

    Hello all... I am looking at changing my roof/eaves strips to look like my leaping arches. Due to LDPE coming in a roll, straight lengths will be hard to achieve. I have contacted a few Chinese manufacturers and are possibly looking at semi-translucent milky white Polycarbonate tubing to do...
  3. J

    whats better strip or nodes for roof outline

    hey guys just wondering what would look better and be easier to put on my roof... nodes or strips and wondering how you guys have secured your lights on your roof outlines? as i cannot put holes in my roof because its colorbond so cannot drill :( any help and advice would be greatly...