seed pixels

  1. DougieB

    Shopping List

    So finally starting to put together my wish list/shopping list to build my new display after a 10year absence and have a couple of questions for the learned people on ACL How do people find the seed/pebble pixels. are they as bright/reliable/workable as the bullets or strips? Is having a dual...
  2. Notenoughlights

    [DIY] Custom built seed pixel icicle lights

    This will just be brief for now as I don't have any photos of the finished product up close yet. Parts list at the bottom of this post. I decided to build seed pixel icicles for two reasons. 1: After seeing the LED curtains that were on the market, I thought these could be adapted to become a...
  3. Mark_M

    Mark's seed pixel mega tree - Smaller and cheaper!

    My seed pixel mega tree - Smaller to store and turned out cheaper to make. Can't be bothered to read? Here's the video: View: The inspiration In 2017 I created a mega tree with 'seed lights' purchased from eBay. I choose these lights because the...
  4. How I made a seed pixel mega tree

    How I made a seed pixel mega tree

    How I made my seed pixel mega tree. I chose to use seed pixels because they are cheaper and light weight compared to standard bullet node 5v pixels everyone else is using.
  5. Setting up the mega tree time-lapse

    Setting up the mega tree time-lapse

    Setting up the new seed pixel mega tree, I was completing some parts as I assembled it.
  6. Mark_M

    2022 Bunnings copper wire seed pixels

    THESE ARE NOT PIXELS.... I bought some to test and they are driven as a 3ch H-Bridge. I went for a trip to Bunnings today. In the recent years they have brought out more offerings of 'smart' lights. From standard LED strings with a WiFi plug multi-function controller to these seemingly pixels...
  7. Making a seed pixel corflute star

    Making a seed pixel corflute star

    This is how I made my coflute star for a new mega tree.Instead of using bullet pixels, I have used 'seed pixels' (also referred as 'pebble pixels')
  8. Star pixel mounting time-lapse

    Star pixel mounting time-lapse

    Seed pixels being mounted into 5mm coro.
  9. Mark_M

    Making a seed pixel coro star

    Post #1. Video in the 3rd post: I'm building a new mega tree for this year’s show, and I wanted to make a new pixel star. The pixels for the mega tree are 5v, so I decided to also use 5v pixels. I...
  10. Seed pixels.

    Seed pixels.

    Softwire seed pixels from @gflai . Mattos Design's also sell these under the 'Pebble' pixel name.
  11. Behind the scenes 2021

    Behind the scenes 2021