1. P

    WS2811DC2-30 - xLights Configuration

    Hi All, It's getting to the crunch time now and I'm scrambling to put everything together. Does anyone have any advice/setup guides/suggestions for configuring the Hanson Electronics WS2811DC2-30 in xLights? I have 15 strings of 250 LEDs 31VDC "Bunnings" LEDs and would like some guidance on...
  2. Kotche

    Basic setup diagram, with power injection example

    Hey ACL team I'm finding that even reading through various material (inc the 101 Manual), posts, watching videos, etc. that I'm not yet sure I have a handle on some of the basics. This diagram is what I think I understand so far, so I'm looking for some validation here. My diagram depicts a...
  3. Giles1

    Still having issues setting up my lights in xLights.

    I’ve been playing with xLights for over 3 years now, but I’m still having issues setting up my lights correctly. ☹ I think part of this is just the extended time periods between playing with the program. It almost feels like I’m starting from scratch every time. So, the problem I’m having...