1. Mark_M

    A simple SVG snowflake generator

    I was looking into making snowflakes in Inkscape but came across this cool website to create snowflakes instead. This generates snowflakes in an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format. Something handy if there's a way to use SVG files in xLights or for other...
  2. Cranzy

    Standing up the snowflakes and singing faces

    As I had my snowflakes and singing faces standing up on the roof, I thought I would show how I've done that. For the snowflakes on the roof, each has a little pvc conduit frame built. I just ziptie the frame onto the roof using 4 ziptie mounts siliconed to roof. I had 5 snowflakes on the...
  3. G

    Snowflakes - made in home

    After many hours spent hours and hours watching fantastic bright displays, plans of beautiful objects, I came across this wonderful forum where I found people always available and courteous, even when the questions were really endless ....... I would like to share with someone like me who has...