Standing up the snowflakes and singing faces


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Dec 24, 2018
As I had my snowflakes and singing faces standing up on the roof, I thought I would show how I've done that.

For the snowflakes on the roof, each has a little pvc conduit frame built. I just ziptie the frame onto the roof using 4 ziptie mounts siliconed to roof.

I had 5 snowflakes on the feature wall as well.
For each snowflake, i made a rectangular frame and the corners all have T pieces so I can attach it to the conduit that makes up the frame.
Again I just ziptie this onto ziptie mounts.

For the singing faces, I made small holes so i can ziptie a conduit T piece onto the face and attached that to conduit ziptied to the roof.
The rounding piece at the bottom of each bulb sits pretty nicely in the colorbond roof curve.
I also had to use 1 ziptie mount at the front bottom to ziptie the bulb to the roof.

For the ornamental singing face I did the same but because the bottom has a sharp point unlike the bulbs. I used a small screw through the bottom into a small piece of pvc conduit and ziptied the front to the roof using 2 ziptie mounts.

They held up great even in very strong winds.


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Dec 27, 2011
Cranbourne West
I would have thought ziptie mounts would not be strong enough with the wind on those props, but apparently not, nice!