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    Release Vixen 3.5 Update 3 Available now

    UPDATE 3 should be release within the next week. Below are a list of expected changes since Update 2. Ones in Orange have been added in the last day. Highlights are the new Dissolve effect (very versatile effect, I managed to remove 4000 individual effects from a sequence in one area alone...
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    Release Vixen 3.5 Update 2 now available

    Vixen 3.5 Update 2 ready for download. The Vixen team strongly recommends installing Vixen 3.5 Update 2 as it fixes numerous Bugs. Some highlights to Update 2 include: · Numerous important bug fixes, (including issues with Lipsync, Video effect, Custom Prop and Marks amongst others)...
  3. Sydney Mini 2017 - Vixen 3 Introduction (DevBuild 414)

    Sydney Mini 2017 - Vixen 3 Introduction (DevBuild 414)

    Presented by BradsXmasLights. A run down of Vixen 3 as at DevBuild 414. http://vixenlights.com/
  4. Adelaide Mini 2016 - Vixen 3.2 Mega Tree

    Adelaide Mini 2016 - Vixen 3.2 Mega Tree

    Presented by adski for the Adelaide Mini 2016 - Day 2. Vixen 3.2u2. How to set up and sequence a pixel tree and pixel spinner in Vixen 3.