Release Vixen 3.5 Update 2 now available


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Feb 15, 2014
Vixen 3.5 Update 2 ready for download.

The Vixen team strongly recommends installing Vixen 3.5 Update 2 as it fixes numerous Bugs.

Some highlights to Update 2 include:

· Numerous important bug fixes, (including issues with Lipsync, Video effect, Custom Prop and Marks amongst others)

· Improvements to the Mark Collection, Custom prop, FPP Export (Add universe file, saves calculating and manually adding in the universe information to FPP), Layers, Count down effect and Text effect.

· New Effects Toolbar. This is turned off by default and can be enabled in the Sequence Editor View menu. Allows the current Effects list to be hidden, increasing the useable real-estate. Also right click on the Effects toolbar for options, including Text Position and ability to hide Effect groups or Effects so you only display in the Toolbar what you use and hides Effects you may never use. See video at VixenLights YouTube channel.

The following is a detailed list of resolved Tickets:


VIX-2535 Effects only flip colors when change in direction
VIX-2534 Zip profile wizard can crash if the target runs out of space.
VIX-2533 Vixen 3.5 u1 crashes when selecting smart object in Preview. Duplicate of VIX-2518
VIX-2531 Singing faces elements missing on discrete colored elements.
VIX-2526 Editing element face mapping from within the sequence editor does not save the changes.
VIX-2524 The lip sync effect does not properly honour discrete elements.
VIX-2519 The logic to detect if a window is on screen has some holes in it and can leave a user unable to see the window.
VIX-2518 Full crash when adding pixel grid to preview configuration screen without selecting a node.
VIX-2517 Drag Drop in the tree view of Custom Prop Editor will let you duplicate an element in the same group .
VIX-2515 Custom Prop Editor Order View List does not update when lights are deleted from the Drawing Panel.
VIX-2508 Beat marks able to be given empty names.
VIX-2507 Intensity overlay doesn't work if element is repeated in a group.
VIX-2506 Updated to Vixen 3.5.1 and lost 3 sequences....
VIX-2503 Video speed in the Video effect is slower than it should be and some video are off center.
VIX-2502 Video Rendering error or freeze on opening sequence
VIX-2501 Incorrect patch point counts for imported Custom Prop
VIX-2497 Color in the Text and Count down effect visual representation is incorrectly represented.
VIX-2462 When I click anywhere in the preview editing screen Vixen shuts down.
VIX-2435 Face mapping face setup form missing Vixen icon.
VIX-2384 Sequence Update Message Box not Capitalized.
VIX-2383 LipSync new map then cancel still creates a new map.
VIX-2023 Vixen closes down with invalid file characters in zip wizard.
VIX-1139 When the editor is closed with a small size it fails to reopen.
VIX-896 Color property doesn't update editor when modifying discrete color set.
VIX-461 Adding additional Strings to existing Mega Tree does not work correctly.


VIX-2530 Phoneme Mark collections linking improvements.
VIX-2528 Compact the space the time line tree view takes up.
VIX-2525 Add an option to the Mask and Fill Layer filter to require a mixing partner.
VIX-2516 Add ability to delete lights from the Order tab in the Custom Prop Editor.
VIX-2511 Add ability to insert a dimming curve after an element that is already patched.
VIX-2504 Add the ability to generate the universe file for the Falcon Pi Player.
VIX-2498 Add some new features to the Countdown effect.
VIX-2496 Allow different colors for each word in Text Effect when Marks are used.

New Features

VIX-2457 Add 400% zoom back to preview configuration.
VIX-2208 Add new Effects Toolbar.
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Jan 5, 2014
Not sure if this is a bug or an oversight, but if I click on the check for updates, it says I have the latest update at 3.5u1


Dedicated elf
Jan 5, 2014
Not sure if this is a bug or an oversight, but if I click on the check for updates, it says I have the latest update at 3.5u1
Scratch that, It just found it, obviously it needed a little coffee to go have a look.

Thanks for all the work everyone does behind the scenes.