wire frame

  1. diyer

    Wire frames: rope lights off - pixels on

    2019 job 1.1: Remove old rope lights from reindeer and sleigh wire frames and apply pixels. Pixels were cable tied to the wire frames and a dob of silicone added to each. 5V WS2811 bullets running on pixel testers, 5v supply via a buck converter. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-UtW9XhfMc
  2. Wire Joining - Interleave Method - YouTube

    Wire Joining - Interleave Method - YouTube

    Joining two wires by interleaving the strands and soldering the joint. How well the ends interleave will depend on the number of wire strands and their thick...
  3. Steve22537

    "Steel Angel"

    This is my new Mega-Tree topper, "Steel Angel", she stands about 1metre high and made from 5mm steel rod. I'm having difficulty figuring out what type of lighting she should wear. Pixels may be to big and tacky was looking for the 8mm pixel but no one makes them anymore or the copper wire...