xlights effect

  1. SimoG

    Xlights | DMX2-24 | Bunnings lights - What are the best effects to use?

    Evening All! This is my first year of 'stepping up' the christmas lights. Last year was a number of 2-wire Bunnings lights, however having them all flash out of sequence caused me some significant distress! This year I am fixing it with a DMX2-24 to at least bring different runs all flashing...
  2. Benslights

    xLights sharing: Shader preset sharing

    With the new Shader effect on Xlights a few of us thought we need location to share these. So if you would like to share your presets on the shader effect please post a link to its download here If you share a preset, it has to include all the images and video. You aren't actually packaging a...
  3. XLights 4 Webinar: New in version 2016.46 (Sequencer)

    XLights 4 Webinar: New in version 2016.46 (Sequencer)

    From 2016: keithsw1111 demonstrates the changes in xLights 2016.41-46's sequencer tab.