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XLights 4 Webinar: New in version 2016.46 (Sequencer)

From 2016: keithsw1111 demonstrates the changes in xLights 2016.41-46's sequencer tab.
0:50 Metronome timing
2:00 Video export
4:40 Preset window layer
6:10 Effect alignment
6:58 Text effect changes
8:02 Various effect enhancements for LOR Superstar imports
8:21 Fill effect additional settings
9:18 VU meter additional settings
11:42 Fan effect enhancements
12:20 Piano effect - timing track with notes
14:56 Colour curves (colour gradients)
18:35 Playback speeds in animations (not just musical sequences)
19:10 Layers for strand-level sequencing
20:28 A 2016.47 tease: Value curves

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