XLights 4 Webinar: New in versions 2016.47 - 2016.50

From 2016: keithsw1111 runs through the changes in xLights 2016.47-50 (Beta) and a preview at the upcoming 2016.51 release (Production).
00:36 Presets for Value Curves and clarifying single-colour string effects
04:52 7-segment display fixes
06:04 Sequence names now in title bar
06:42 Submodels shown on Layout model/group screen
07:08 Align effects with other effects
08:40 Sequence checker
18:58 ArtNET controller support
21:44 Colour palette presets
24:05 Random colour curves
25:07 Shift + double clicking an effect will play just that time period
26:00 Model descriptions
27:46 Ripple effect star shape
29:02 Selected waveform period
29:26 Faces effect: Visual cue for phonemes
30:49 Value curves for Fan, Morph and Shockwave effects
31:44 Minimal grid as default model grouping (performance enhancement)
32:28 Layer blending modes: Additive/Subtractive, Min/Max
33:30 Summary of effect usage in model export file
34:31 Effect descriptions
37:00 Tree effect garland is now optional
37:57 Insert multiple layers at the same time
38:47 Support resources linked in help menu
39:45 Layer sub-buffer improved contrast
40:20 Import/Export effects persistent file extension
41:55 -r command-line option for rendering several sequences in a row
43:43 Layout model/group window scrollable with up/down arrow keys
43:58 Coming in 2016.51: Select multiple models on your layout with click & drag (no shift key necessary)
44:50 Coming in 2016.51: Move multiple selected models at the same time with arrow keys
45:35 Coming in 2016.51: Several enhancements to Setup tab operation (double click to change settings, right click to activate/deactivate or delete, and ability to edit/activate/deactivate/delete several controllers in bulk)

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