XLights 4 Webinar: New in versions 2016.53 - 2016.55

From 2016: Thanks to keithsw1111

ryanschristmaslights, Oct 26, 2017
    • ryanschristmaslights
      00:03 Custom models: flip channel numbers (pixel order) horizontally and vertically
      01:12 Fill effect: Wrap toggle option
      02:27 MacBook Pro touch bar support (more details: http://nutcracker123.com/forum/index.php?topic=3625)
      02:53 Shift (offset) all timing tracks and effects left/right
      04:01 Colour curve flip/reverse colour toggle
      05:30 Fireworks effect explode on timing mark option
      07:26 CLI xlights.exe -w to wipe all xlights settings (fresh install)
      08:54 Backup file restore prompt after crash
      10:45 Spatial colour curves (horizontal/vertical gradients)
      14:57 Reset layer blending/transitions and layer setting buffer toggle when changing effect types
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