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XLights 4 Webinar: New in version 2017.6

From early 2017: Thanks to keithsw1111.
00:06 Reset colour sliders when changing effect types (Sparkles, Brightness, Contrast, etc)
01:50 Hue/Saturation/Value colour adjustments (ideal when applied to video, picture and glediator effects)
03:50 Picture effect: Scale image to fit but keep aspect ratio (don't stretch)
04:40 Glediator effect: Loop/fit length of glediator animation
05:40 Talking 2017.7: 64-bit Windows version of xLights (hopefully)
06:40 Colour curves initially inherit the colour from the button you click
06:52 Pinwheel effect: Colour curve gradients, sweep 3D option

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