00:00 How to open xSchedule
00:32 xSchedule UI
01:12 xSchedule Options
01:28 xSchedule Options: Simple vs Advanced mode - see part 2 for more details https://auschristmaslighting.com/media/xlights-4-webinar-xschedule-part-2.340/
02:11 xSchedule Options: Send data when not running a sequence checkbox
02:33 xSchedule Options: ArtNet/E1.31 Synchronisation Protocol checkbox
03:10 xSchedule Options: xSchedule web server port (includes xschedule web page preview)
03:49 xSchedule Options: Projector settings
04:31 xSchedule Options: xSchedule Buttons - see part 2 for defining custom buttons https://auschristmaslighting.com/media/xlights-4-webinar-xschedule-part-2.340/
05:10 xSchedule Options: xSchedule web server local directory
06:00 xSchedule Options: API Only (web server deactivated)
07:18 Virtual Matrix (display channel data on screen)
08:14 Virtual Matrix configuration
10:53 Matrix (using controllers and lights)
11:33 Matrix configuration
12:22 Background Playlists - see part 2 for more details https://auschristmaslighting.com/media/xlights-4-webinar-xschedule-part-2.340/
12:57 Output processing (e.g. remap channels, reduce brightness, switch colour order)
13:17 Output processing: Remap channels
14:37 Output processing: Set (overwrite sequence data over a channel range)
15:38 Output processing: Dim (lower the brightness for a channel range)
16:20 Output processing: Dim White (lower the brightness for a range of RGB elements on white)
17:37 Output processing: Colour Order (e.g. switch RGB/BGR/GRB/GBR)
19:00 Output processing: Reverse (swap the order of for a pixel range)
20:23 View log
20:46 Check Schedule (inspired by Check Sequence)
24:25 xSchedule Web Interface shortcut
24:32 xSchedule Import Playlist from the old xLights schedule tab
25:00 xSchedule Mode: Standalone/FPP Master/FPP Remote
26:37 Adding a Playlist (simple mode)
27:00 Creating a simple playlist
27:58 Add xLights sequence to a playlist
28:33 Add xLights sequence with a video
28:48 Add an audio file (without a sequence)

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