1. P

    xLights Lagging

    Hey all, Firstly, great piece of software. Super impressive. Just a heads up for those experiencing any lag within the xLights application itself - I'm running a Windows Domain with folder redirection for my Documents/Desktop/Photos/etc. and if you set your working folder to a remote location...
  2. kmadsen15

    Making 2 strings from different ports into 1 continuous string.

    I'm using a K16A-B and because of the power and where I wanted my controller I have it in the middle of my setup, with one string of lights on my eves going left, and one going right. Each has 100 pixels. I'm having a really hard time getting these to act as 1 string. Even when grouped...
  3. M

    Answered xLight sequence not playing in FPP

    Hello folks, I’m having trouble with the basics with an xLights output to my Raspberry Pi/FPP and F16v3 with 2 expansion boards config. I created a simple sequence just to test the workflow. The sequence is just a simple tree with one animation. I went through Keith Wesley’s 2020 xLights 101...
  4. Mark_M

    Finding the hit song of 2021

    By this time, most of us will have sequences ready to go. But what will be the 'hit song' of 2021? I have come across a Christmas movie being released this year. Sadly it's being released November 24th and I cannot find a sound track right now. [Yes, I subscribe to Wallace & Gromit]. View...
  5. RGB Blinding Lights

    RGB Blinding Lights

    #jorgeBolivar Our RGB pixels displaying one of the season favorites. Our RGB display has around 4900 RGB pixels on various props. We hope our efforts helps t...
  6. Giles1

    Still having issues setting up my lights in xLights.

    I’ve been playing with xLights for over 3 years now, but I’m still having issues setting up my lights correctly. ☹ I think part of this is just the extended time periods between playing with the program. It almost feels like I’m starting from scratch every time. So, the problem I’m having...
  7. Derf

    Experimentation - Xlights / Xschedule running on Raspberry Pi 4

    Hi All, Have been playing around with the principal of running Xlights / Xschedule on a raspberry pi as an alternative for a dedicated PC for running virtual matrix's. This is extremely experimental and will probably not work for everyone. BACKGROUND: During the year I purchased $6 AUD p4...
  8. Falcon Differential Smart Receivers and xLigths Setup

    Falcon Differential Smart Receivers and xLigths Setup

    A quick video on how I do set up the Falcon F48, Falcon Differential Smart Receiver in xLights V2020.39
  9. P

    First display, and questions

    Hi, Here is my first show with XLights. It's a very simple animation because I was fighting many gremlins trying to put it all together on a tight budget, and only started in mid-November. View: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DTQTv9KzaHXb4milVyqn6NZo96EBJ46J There's a sequence of 8...
  10. P

    First Light! :)

    First time ever using an animation/sequencing software for leds for holiday light shows. I got Xlights working with FPP on a Pi Zero, and an ESPixelStick! Many more to come I hope View: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14J8I-X96oTWLYc-JZFG9AMEeI0TmOFec View...
  11. P


    Hi everyone! I am new to PC-based holiday light shows. In the past 4 years I learned Arduino and put up some simple sequenced shows (animations only) using ~10x ESP8266 modules as receivers/controllers and a ESP32 as a broadcaster (over WIFI/UDP) to all the ESP8266s. I programmed the shows in...
  12. Mischka

    Falcon 16v3 stopped working!

    Hi Everyone, I need some help please!!! Last night I was testing out my two controllers (Falcon 16v3 and PixLite 16 MK-II) using xlights test function on the individual ports and things were going great lights were flashing and chasing. Then during a test of chase lights it froze and then the...
  13. Mark_M

    Inverting values

    Hello, In a conversation with a friend of mine about a thread I posted in January; This is about using transistor boards I created last year to drive dumb strings. https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/making-my-own-boards-to-control-dumb-strings.11320/ David_AVD (from previous thread) and...
  14. Mischka

    Mini Tree Wiring across Ports

    Hi Everyone, Another quick question in regards to Channels that flow across Ports. I've got my F16v3 (Awesome piece of kit too!!) and I've got 6 Mini Trees (100Nodes per tree) they start on Port 2 - Universe 3 - Channel 1021 and finish on Port 3 - Universe 6 - Channel 2820. So the first two...
  15. Benslights

    xLights sharing: Shader preset sharing

    With the new Shader effect on Xlights a few of us thought we need location to share these. So if you would like to share your presets on the shader effect please post a link to its download here If you share a preset, it has to include all the images and video. You aren't actually packaging a...
  16. Mischka

    Quick Falcon 16v3 Question: 510 or 512 channels per universe?

    Hi, Just going through Xlights Setup for my F16v3 (Thanks Daryl for sending it so quickly!), So I've watched a number of Videos for setting up the Falcon, and they seem to vary from Number of Channels per Universe from 510 to 512. So I'm wondering which one should I use? I've set up 32 Universe...
  17. Chad

    Streaming music to mobile device?

    Are there any means to stream music for a show either locally or via a web page to a spectator's mobile phone? I'm reluctant to install any booming speakers out of respect for my neighbours, but something more personal like a small mobile device seems suitable.
  18. NFI

    XLights to Falcon Player to BegalBone Black to Octoscroller P10 help

    Help needed please I have been doing Xmas lights now for three year using LOR setup and Pixel lights, and now moving forward would like to use a P10 matrix in my display. I have purchased a BeagelBone Black, Octoscroller and 4 x 32 x 16 P10 panels. I have worked out how to install Falcon Player...
  19. bluzervic

    Feeling disappointed

    All, As many of you are aware I have been doing shows for 9+ years now. Going through transitions from Wowlights, LOR to Xlights and LED's. I like the hobby and love to sequence and build props that can move around without Power Injection. This year, like others I submitted the greatest...
  20. M

    HELP: Candy Cane Lights

    Hi there, I have recently changed from Vixen to X-Lights, on Vixen i created a custom two light layered set of candy canes (25 up, 25 down, per cane) but now moving to X-Lights I can't seem to work out how to do the same thing on here, as they only allow one layer when I have attempted to set...
  21. Benslights

    Sub-models place to post your settings

    I thought this would be good place for everyone to share Sub-model settings items. a screen grab of your setup of the sub-model would be great and the name of it. example is lawrencesdrivelights Boscoyo candy cane View...
  22. robj

    Alvin and the Chipmunks - new free xlights sequence

    Here's a free xlights sequence, new for 2018. Alvin and the Chipmunks singing The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late). A video of this sequence can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/296286098 The sequence is posted to the upload directory of the xlights google share drive here...
  23. Light show interactivity with a midi keyboard - 2018 Adelaide Mini

    Light show interactivity with a midi keyboard - 2018 Adelaide Mini

    Presented by Ralphyf1 at the 2018 Adelaide Mini. An interactivity demonstration using xLights xSchedule, midi events and a midi keyboard.
  24. Sequence sources: A DIY vs third-party discussion - 2018 Adelaide Mini

    Sequence sources: A DIY vs third-party discussion - 2018 Adelaide Mini

    Presented by CrazyCatLady at the 2018 Adelaide Mini. A presentation and discussion for where you might find third-party xLights sequences (paid/free) and some ideas for how learn and use them to enhance your own sequences.
  25. Singing Christmas tree update - 2018 Adelaide Mini

    Singing Christmas tree update - 2018 Adelaide Mini

    Presented by Ralphyf1 at the 2018 Adelaide Mini. An update to the white fluffy Christmas tree that also sings, as introduced at last year's Adelaide Mini.
  26. keithsw1111

    xLights 3D Beta Program

    While it looks great in videos we know there are going to be issues with the new 3D mode in xLights and we need some help finding them. The xLights development team (and particularly Gil Jones) is pleased to invite suitably experienced users to participate in the xLights 3D Beta program. To be...
  27. B

    mega tree set up

    Morning guys i have finally built the tree but just need help with a few things. the tree is 20 strings@128 pixels with 4 looped together(5 strings really) main issue i have it just trying to work it out in xlights. when setting up how do i get it to work as far as zigzag each string? there...
  28. Benslights

    xlights Tips and Tricks

    please Place and Tips and tricks you have learnt about xlights in this Thread. anything that has helped you with xlights. he/she who shares wins!!
  29. B

    xLights Show Layout Part 2

    Hi Platinum Members! I have finished xLights Show Layout Part 2. Brace yourself - This video is just over an hour and has a lot of content but don't worry. I had a lot of coffee. There will be a Part 3 to complete the series. If you are not a member already and would like to try out the...
  30. L

    Friday night chats on Zoom

    Every friday night from about 7pm Sydney time there is an excellent voice/video chat over on Zoom. Topics include help with xlights, general setup, sourcing items to use in your display, and pretty much anything that people wish to chat about. https://zoom.us/j/175801909