00:02 Simple playlist FSEQ properties
02:45 Simple playlist FSEQ + Video properties
03:12 Simple playlist Audio properties
03:26 Playing the simple playlist (current/next sequence highlighting)
04:24 Scheduling a playlist (E.g. start/end date, days of the week)
06:38 Scheduling another playlist (demonstrating playlist priority)
07:51 Advanced playlists
08:28 Advanced playlists: Step (a group of things to play at the same time)
09:46 Advanced playlists: Channel blending mode (e.g. Overwrite, Average, Mask)
10:21 Advanced playlists: ESEQ File (single model from xLights Export Model sequence right click menu)
11:51 Advanced playlists: Video (on-screen for projector)
12:21 Advanced playlists: Audio
13:00 Advanced playlists: Image (on-screen for projector)
13:36 Previewing the advanced playlist so far
14:14 Advanced playlists: All Set (manually set a channel range to a static brightness value)
14:55 Advanced playlists: PJLink (for ethernet-enabled projectors)
15:45 Advanced playlists: PJLink commands (e.g. power on, change input)
16:27 Advanced playlists: Delay (pause your show)
16:37 Advanced playlists: RDS (via serial, for supported FM Transmitters)
18:12 Advanced playlists: Process (run an executable, *.exe)
19:13 Advanced playlists: Test (Cycle through channels for a period of time)
20:10 Advanced playlists: CURL (web request)
20:52 Advanced playlists: Run Commands (play playlist, stop, increase/decrease show volume, etc)
22:36 Advanced playlists: Text (e.g. date countdown, today's day)
25:00 Advanced playlists: Steps revisited - use multiple steps to avoid everything playing at the same time
25:49 Simple playlist converted to Advanced playlist
26:32 Background playlists
27:10 Master volume and show brightness
27:27 Playlist status indicators
28:00 Custom button commands
29:25 Where to find the xSchedule Web API documentation
31:36 xSchedule Web Interface (current playlist, play/stop, etc)

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