XLights 4 Webinar: New in versions 2017.1 - 2017.5

From early 2017: Thanks to keithsw1111.
00:03 Backing up subfolders inside your show folder (menu option)
01:08 DMX Moving Head Light model easier to select in Layout tab
01:26 Model groups in groups!
01:55 New layer render styles
03:17 Layer blending now works across groups/models
06:56 Exported mapping files now have a file extension (*.xmap)
07:34 Importing procedure for Vixen 2/LightORama sequences is now more like xLights import (all models added by default and collapsed)
09:55 Servo 16-bit effect
10:30 Schedule tab removed (use xSchedule instead)
10:37 Video effect checkbox to automatically synchronise video playback with audio track
12:03 Selected effects don't display as black on the timeline when using colour curve gradients

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