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XLights 4 Webinar: New in versions 2016.51 - 2016.52

From 2016: Thanks to keithsw1111.
00:11 Tooltip for link/unlink Show and Media directory button
01:09 Setup tab controller list: right click menu (activate/deactivate, bulk edit)
02:25 Setup tab controller list: reorder controllers by dragging
03:37 Setup tab controller list: right click menu (insert controller at mouse pointer, delete controller)
04:26 VU Meter effect now supports papagayo (singing faces) timing tracks
05:46 Text effect new countdown options
07:42 Rendering is quicker (performance improvement)
08:12 Layout tree model: rotate 180 degree trees
09:09 DMX moving head light and skull face models
14:09 Import timing and lyric tracks from other xlights sequences

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