12 string sign help

Jan 2, 2014
I just set up my first 12 RGB 150 pixels per string "sign" and before I spend more money on software I have a few questions.
1) Why does wowlights.com have the 24 CCR Superstar lights package $100.00 cheaper then LOR?
2) Since I can't see the export function until I purchase it, can I seamlessly copy a 12 string Cosmic color sequence into an 12 string DMX sequence once it is in the editor if I want to.
3) Is anyone willing to post a sequence saying hello world or whatever so I can see how it looks in the sequencer so I can decide if I want to do it without the Superstar package?


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Dec 27, 2010
Hi and welcome to ACL Salvatore
You'll need to point to the 2 links with the prices as I for 1 and unsure which packages you are referring to.
You can't do the export seamlessly. You can probably do it fairly painlessly with a copy and paste into a new sequence though.
You can probably do a "Hello" in a matter of minutes using Xlights/Nutcracker which is free and drop it back into LOR. Xlights and the Nutcracker effects it uses are a very popular alternative to Superstar andt is used by LOR and also LSP users as it is so quick and powerful.


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Nov 25, 2010
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I did the same thing this year for a 14X50 RGB pixel tree.

I presume that your strings are 50 pixel, 150 LED?

Happy to export a sequence for you... and as for the export I believe you can set it up natively but I just set them as CCR's and then copied the output string sequence across. For the 2 minutes it took per sequence I couldn't be bothered muching around.