1W LED Review (ray wu)

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    Just got my shipment of 1W 8mm Strawhat LED's from Ray. (http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/325252755-High-Power-1W-8mm-straw-hat-White-LED-120degree-viewing-angle-70-80lm-wholesalers.html)

    They're bright. If you are testing these things, even if you don't look into them, I recommend covering either them, your eyes, or both.

    They are spec'd at 350mA, and are running at approximately 3.08V. This comes out to 1.078W, a touch over their 1W rating, but not much. They are very sensitive to over-voltage, and will thermal runway almost instantly. They run decently warm, although I don't have a thermometer to test it accurately enough, I can estimate at the fact that I don't want to touch it for long at all.

    All in all, when regulated by a constant current, they are fairly steady, no changes in brightness, and a nice cool white. More posts to come as I keep them on!
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    thanks, they are bright based on the ones i have as well.

    All LED's and High Power ones especially will see fast rises in current when the forward voltage is exceeded. This is why constant current is essential for 1W and above.

    The large leg's on the 1/2 and 1W leds act as initial heatsink to move the heat away from the LED.


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