2010 Big W LED Strings.


Full time elf
May 16, 2010
Perth, WA
Firstly I do remember reading somewhere, someone doing a little write up on these strings.

I went to the local Big W today to see if they were out. They were just starting to setup.

I grabbed a starter pack and an extension.

What was interesting straight away, was that the starter pack has 200 leds for $19.95 and the extension pack has 100 leds for $12.95.

So I guess if you want a few of theses you would be better off buy the starter pack.

I did crack open the controller to find there are no resistors on the outputs. Looking at them quickly the resistor are now in the string.

So this was a very quick look, more info later.

Found link for other information http://forums.auschristmaslighting.com/index.php/topic,325.msg2318.html#msg2318