2014 ACL Christmas Card Swap


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May 9, 2010
Toowoomba, Australia
2014 is winding down and not only does that mean SHOW TIME! It means it's the Annual Christmas Card Swap. Hooray!

So what’s a Christmas Card Swap? You submit your name and address, your details are then given to other people in the swap and you’re given 10 other names and addresses. You then send those 10 people a Christmas Card and you’ll also receive Christmas Cards from other people. Easy.

I haven’t kept any names from previous years, so if you would like to participate again you will have to resubmit your details. Cost is a pack of cards – this can be as cheap or as expensive as you like, there’s nothing wrong with a pack of $2 cards – and the cost of postage to some local and some international destinations. There is no guarantee on the final cost of postage - you could end up with a lot of international post, especially if there aren't a lot of participants from your neck of the woods. Hopefully your postal service offers discounted postage for seasonal mail.

To participate in the Card Swap PM me your NAME, SCREEN NAME (if you would like it included – if you don’t type your screen name it will not be revealed to other participants), POSTAL ADDRESS and EMAIL ADDRESS (so your list can be emailed to you – if you do not supply an email address, your list will be sent via PM). In the past people have included their spouse's name or specified "The Smith Family", this is quite alright to do. So if you would like cards addressed specifically to you and a partner or your family, please mention it in your PM.

Due date will be SATURDAY 1ST NOVEMBER and names will be handed out by SATURDAY 8TH NOVEMBER. Names will not be kept and your details will be deleted at the end of December. Each year I get one or two people who swear black and blue they got their name in before the due date but I don't have a record of their PM. I won't be accepting any late comers it's just too hard to include. I always send a PM confirming I have received your details, if you don't receive a PM from me confirming receipt of your details within 2 days assume I didn't get your original PM and send it again. If I don't have you in my inbox or a confirmation PM in my sent items, sorry you missed the boat and you'll have to wait for next year.

If you'd like to send everyone on the list a card just let me know in your PM that you'd like the entire list. Be aware the list could be large depending on popularity.

Hope as many people as possible participate, it's becoming more popular each year – guaranteed to make you look windswept and interesting as you receive cards from across the world!!



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May 29, 2010
toodle_pipsky said:
8 punters so far. Come on people, get in on the action! :)
Yes Ladies and Gents, New and old.
I have been participating in this for 5 years and as I have no friends i really like getting cards from my ACL family.
I would hate to see this little tradition amongst our Group die off due to lack of interest.
This is a very busy time of year for us but I will always spend 1/2 hour to write out 10 cards and send them on.

Besides my personal feelings every time someone signs up to the Card Swap a little Christmas fairy is spared a gruesome death.

Thanks for helping to save the little Christmas fairies Toodles.

Get behind this


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Dec 5, 2012
I'm in! I can't stand the thought of, me being part, in a Christmas Fairy's death.


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Dec 31, 2011
Fremont, Calif.
Add me in, I will be the Noob this year :eek:

Oh, and make sure Shell and JC are on my list.
Afterall, they are my morning chat group ::)



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Jan 5, 2014
Why the heck not!
It has been a while since we received any xmas cards since email and the like, usually the kids get some but that is it.


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May 4, 2010
Murray Bridge, S.A.
im the same.. i dont have much of a life or family..
but we love getting christmas cards an hanging them up.
the daughter also loves going through them all an seeing where there from.
its not like it costs heaps to send a couple of cheap cards..
or make the cards yourself with a pic showing off your display


Dennis from NZ
Jan 2, 2014
Lepperton, Taranaki
I'm in. Moving around so much I, like Superman, have few friends. Thanks for organizing TP. Around this time the lighting parcels deliveries start to fade so will be nice to have some "real" mail in the box rather than flyers. :D