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2016.16 xLights release. Bug fixes from Dan

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Apr 2, 2016.

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    2016.16 xLights released

    Daniel Kulp has been busy fixing bugs that caused crashes.

    There also was an issue where the scroll bar in the SEQUENCER tab was not smoothly scrolling through the waveform. That is fixed also.

    Latest releases are found at http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/

    Issue Tracker is found here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues



    2016.15 Apr 2, 2016

    -- bug (dkulp) Fix icicle off by one

    -- bug (dkulp) Fix some scrolling on windows issues

    On Mac, the Test panel checkboxes don't work,

    use double click action to simulate

    -- bug (dkulp) Fix issue with single lines being clicked on too easily

    -- bug (dkulp) Fix crash if a view contains models that no longer exist

    -- bug (dkulp) Fix crash when clicking on checkbox in model list if no model is selected

    -- bug (dkulp) Fix crash on import if source strands aren't in the source sequence

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