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2016.20. Some fixes for Copy & Paste from Gil

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Apr 14, 2016.

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    2016.20 released

    Who is brave releasing xLights a day before our weekend Workshop? We Are!
    Some fixes for copy and paste by Gil Jones​
    Ask us on Sunday how it worked.

    Latest releases are found at http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/
    Issue Tracker is found here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues

    2016.20 Apr 13, 2016
    -- bug (gil) Fix right-click Paste not active after a Control-C copy.
    -- bug (gil) Fix single copied effect not pasting to multiple cell selection.
    -- enh (gil) Enable right-click Copy, Paste, Delete options for timing section of grid.
    -- enh (gil) Enable Copy Row and Paste Row for Timing tracks.
    -- bug (gil) Fix bug preventing some timing effects from being pasted.
    -- bug (gil) Fix copy/paste bug where single effect copy was not pasting with original duration.
    -- bug (chrisD) Install dictionaries/phoneme files on Linux
    -- bug (dkulp) disable the popup as it causes a crash

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