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2016.29 new custom model features. New progress Meters. Import LSP timing tracks

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, May 15, 2016.

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    2016.29 released

    o Gil added background image for Custom Models
    o Gil added auto numbering in custom models. Every time you click the number is auto-incremented.
    o Dan added progress meter drill down. While rendering click on new status bar. You will see every model and where it is at in the render cycle.
    o Keith added ability to import LSP timing tracks

    Latest releases are found at http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/
    Issue Tracker is found here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues

    2016.29 May 14, 2016
    -- bug (keithsw) Fix prompt for custom model import so it happens after you size the custom model
    -- enh (keithsw) Remove Papagayo tab
    -- bug (gil) Fix FSEQ filetype data layer import.
    -- enh (gil) Highlight Model row when effects are selected. Fixes #145.
    -- enh (dkulp) Changing timing panel to OpenGL - Mac now can support up to 60fps
    -- bug (dkulp) Loading XML sequence with no fseq not setting the timer to the appropriate MS time
    -- enh (dkulp) If changing OpenGL verison, auto-package/submit logs to dkulp for analysis
    -- enh (dkulp) Click on progress meter brings up dialog showing progress of each model
    -- enh (dkulp) Progress meter on status bar for rendering
    -- enh (gil) Fix copy/paste for single effect so it fills cells selected when paste by cell.
    -- enh (gil) Add automatic channel placement in custom models with mouse clicks.
    -- enh (gil) Add ability to lighten the custom model background image.
    -- enh (gil) Add ability to place a background image on a custom model grid. Fixes #5.
    -- enh (keithsw) Add Manual Custom Model building assisted by image/video.
    -- enh (keithsw) Add LSP timing track import
    -- bug (gil) Mark the sequence dirty when sequence duration is changed to prompt for save on exit. Fixes #563.
    -- bug (gil) Fix jumping back to start briefly after an unpause. Fixes #565.
    2016.28 May 10, 20162016.29

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