2017.30 xLights released. Production Release!

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    2017.30 Released. After 9 months , this is our next Production release! I want to thank the developers for the last month of chasing down all the major bugs and also managing to add quite a few enhancements. If you see a line that fixes or enhances something you really wanted, please thank them.

    Latest releases are found at www.xlights.org
    Videos tutorials are found at videos.xlights.org
    Forums are located at nutcracker123.com/forum
    Issue Tracker is found here: www.github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues

    2017.28 Sep 18, 2017
    -- bug (dkulp) Fix crash on startup when ViesModelsPanel is not visible
    -- bug (scottH) Fixed Divide by zero error if main window is re-sized too small. (#913)
    -- enh (keith) Add ability to import LAS files ... actually this existed ... it just wasnt selectable
    -- bug (keith) Add warning if i am importing a datalayer that is bigger than the number of xlights channels
    -- enh (keith) Add a xSchedule file play list item which can write information about current song etc to a file
    -- bug (dkulp) OSX - Popup menu in "WiringView" dialog is completely disabled
    -- bug (keith) Fix crash when change setup and then switch to layout
    -- bug (keith) Fix crash when FPP master xschedule step finishes
    -- enh (keith) Add creation of a phoneme track from channel data
    -- enh (keith) Add model locking
    -- bug (keith) Force value curves to update to real values ... it wasnt doing this which may have masked some issues
    -- enh (keith) Add row heading tooltips where the model names are too wide to display
    -- enh (keith) Add ability to display wiring view from the front
    -- enh (keith) Add wiring views for most inbuilt models
    -- bug (keith) Validate serial controller number of channels
    -- enh (keith) Add ability to extract Phonemes from imported single channel face data
    -- bug (keith) Fix timing track labels dont save if added to a fixed timing track
    -- bug (keith) Generated submodels leave gaps on large models - overlaps are better than gaps
    -- bug (keith) Rename "Output #" column on setup tab to just "Number" to try to address some new user confusion
    -- enh (keith) Add optional auto hide show of house preview when playing
    -- enh (keith) Add Make master capability to display elements which can take any view and copy its definition to the master view
    -- enh (keith) Tag start channels with leading *** where the number has not calculated correctly
    -- bug (keith) Prevent duplicate model start calculation errors from displaying
    -- enh (keith) Add time display to play controls toolbar on house preview
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    Add optional auto hide show of house preview when playing :thumbsup:
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    These are the actual changes for version v30. Sean accidentally posted the v28 release notes.
    -- enh (scottH) Added Swap Start and End Points to Morph Effect.
    -- enh (keith) Add printing of wiring view
    -- enh (keith) Add display of actual time in value curve and color curve dialogs.
    -- bug (dkulp) Prevent crash when perspective is chosen from menu prior to flipping to the sequencer tab
    -- bug (dkulp) Fix memory leak in JobPool that was leaking thread objects consuming resources
    -- enh (keith) Add X and Y axis rotations to rotozoom
    -- bug (keith) Fix xlights not opening fseq files
    -- bug (keith) Fix zoom value curve not converting correctly
    -- enh (keith) Add splash screen courtesy Kevin Pankratz
    -- enh (keith) Add ctrl-. and ctrl-/ save and restore position in the sequencer
    -- enh (keith) Add crtl-shift 0-9 which jump to 0%-90% through the song in the sequencer
    -- enh (keith) Add tags using right click on the timeline ... then use ctrl-0-9 to jump to the tags
    -- enh (gil) Add built-in bitmap Fonts that match SuperStar. Not every option works on these fonts but they
    do allow the color palette to be used.
    -- bug (gil) Fix Convert for LOR files being offset by 1. Fixes #916.
    -- enh (dkulp) Optimize loading of test presets to make xLights start quicker
    -- bug (dkulp) Hopefully fix crash in CheckSequence if hostname doesn't resolve to local ip address
    -- enh (keith) Add new Ctrl left and right arrow and Ctrl Shift left and right arrow shortcuts in sequencer to move and expand effects to timing marks or next effect
    -- bug (keith) Fix problem with allocating too few channels if invalid start channels and not enough channels on setup tab
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