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2017.35 xLights released

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Nov 6, 2017.

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    2017.35 released

    Our developers continue to be busy. Thanks!

    Batch Render (The ability to render all your programs one after another) is now found in the Tools menu.

    Latest releases are found at www.xlights.org
    Videos tutorials are found at videos.xlights.org
    Forums are located at nutcracker123.com/forum
    Issue Tracker is found here: www.github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues

    2017.35 Nov 05, 2017
    -- enh (cjd) Update checker for Linux and OSX
    -- enh (dkulp) Set the thread name to the Model name it is rendering, makes it easier to find the right thread in the debugger
    -- enh (dkulp) Add a warning when loading/creating sequences that would result in massive amounts of memory being used
    -- bug (keith) Fix missing distribute horizontally and vertically in layout
    -- enh (dkulp) Add batch render to tools menu
    -- bug (keith) Force recreation of the render buffer if the frame size changes ... this will then require a full render
    -- bug (keith) Fix PJLink
    -- enh (keith) Add the ability to suppress virtual matrices in a step
    -- enh (keith) Fix FPP connect upload button not enabling
    -- enh (keith) Add an option to shrink the waveform display
    -- bug (keith) Some fixes to wiring view printing
    -- enh (keith) Add keyboard cut & paste to custom model dialog
    -- bug (keith) Colour curve does not display position tooltip unless dragging
    -- ### <<The following lines were added by Sean from reading git log>>
    -- ### <<There may be duplicates from list above>>
    -- bug (keith) Fix pixelnet should support 4096 channels.
    -- bug (keith) Get waveform drawing correctly when switching between small and normal.
    -- enh (keith) Add an option to shrink the waveform
    -- enh (keith) Improve positioning in printing wiring view to avoid cutoff.
    -- enh (keith) Make colour curve tooltip always display ... not just when dragging.
    -- bug (keith) Fix font size when printing wiring diagram
    -- bug (keith) Make keyboard copy/cut/paste work in Custom Model Dialog
    -- enh (keith) Abort rendering before reallocating memory.
    -- bug (keith) More RDS fixes.
    -- bug (keith) Fix some anomalies that can lead to zero start channels on models.
    -- bug (keith) Fix a crash with blend transition
    -- enh (keith) Force sequence data recreation if sequence is open and a change on setup or layout changes the size of the buffer ... this is displays a warning in status that a render all is required. There are some down sides to this but it really should be forced.
    -- enh (cjd) Add update checker to readme
    -- enh (cjd) Handle network failure better in update checker
    -- enh (cjd) Initial import of Update checker dialog
    -- enh (dkulp) Add a warning when loading/creating sequences that would result in massive amounts of memory being used
    -- enh (keith) PJ Link power on and off working.
    -- enh (keith) Get PJLink working.
    -- enh (keith) Handle failure to load audio better.
    -- enh (keith) Add the ability to suppress virtual matrices if showing video or images.
    -- bug (keith) Fix FPP connect not enabling upload when IP address is entered.
    -- bug (keith) Fix PJLink not connecting.
    -- enh (keith) Add crucifix to shape effect
    -- enh (dkulp) Add a filter selection for the batch render
    -- bug (keith) Fix submodel start channels displaying incorrectly as invalid.
    -- enh (keith) Implement distribute horizontally and vertically to layout tab
    -- bug (keith) Fix #966
    -- enh (keith) Log connection error codes and prevent FPP connect from trying multiple times after failure
    -- enh (dkulp) Add a prototype Batch Render tool
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    Keith. You're da man for getting the "shrink waveform" done. It wasn't a priority but it does give me extra screen room on my piddly lappy screen.
    Thanks to all the developers who are still knocking it out of the park.
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