Release 2022.01 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2022.01 January 6, 2022
NOTE: This will be the last version to support macOS 10.12 and 10.13. Future builds will
require macOS 10.14 or newer.
— enh (keith) Small models in groups may use render buffers that are too small and cause pixelation. Fixes #2866
— enh (scott) Change export of models/controller connections to xls file instead of csv
— enh (scott) Copy Smart Remote settings on Replace Model with model
— enh (sslupsky) controller: add support for default gamma
— enh (keith) Make model dimensions editable in real world units
— enh (scott) added packageSequence and packageLogFiles automation
— enh (scott) Added Remove All Models conformation dialog
— enh (cjd) Add ttyACM* devices (fixes #3016)
— enh (scott) download package sequence as zip file
— bug (keith) Fix FV3 does not reset zigzag when configuring a port
— bug (keith) Fix #3040 xlDo does not unescape some characters
— bug (keith) Fix #3045 … add more sequence properties to getOpenSequence call
— bug (scott) regenerate timingList after importing timing tracks

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