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  • Please dont post things here ... I dont see them ... Its April 2020 and this is the first time I have seen any of these posts. Some of them are 3 years old.
    Hello Keith -

    I understand from Mark_M that you have code for Arduino that allow it to revcieve xLights data in real time? I would be very interested in knowing more about that. I am building a light rack that simulates a sunrise/sunset ovre a model railroad. Part of the requirement is to raise and lower three window shades using three stepper motors.
    This is the main code Keith has posted. I would suggest becoming familiar with Arduino C+ variant and learn how xLights sends data for the Arduino to process.
    Hi Keith
    Hope you don’t mind me seeking your opinion on something. It isn’t a technical query as such, but more a recognition of the depth and breadth of your overall knowledge of the industry. I am Perth-based member of ACL and recently met with another Perth-ite Cranzy who recommended I touch base with you. Is there an email address I can use?(the character limit makes it difficult to use posts). Thanks Tony.
    Is there anyone in Perth that runs tutorials or mentors newbies? Just started out and done a basic layout but have no idea what link it all together
    Keith. I know you are not an LOR guy but I have a real problem getting my show up this year and would really appreciate your thoughts on a network problem I have . Could you drop me a contact via my email tonyparle2 @ thanks Tony
    Uploaded output to F48 and received "Falcon Output Upload Failed" in xLights, but on the F48 strings page, the upload actually succeeded. Is this failure reported because I did not completely use all of the outputs? I only used 19 of the 48 outputs for this test. Outputs 20-48 are shown in red with "invalid" values so assuming that's the reason it's reporting as failed. 1-19 are all good with the correct data.
    Hi Kieth still playing with a midi keyboard. I can get a key to play a .5sec sequence, no drama. But cannot seem to turn on lights using the advanced features ie a 'set color. Will try to catch you in zoom in the next couple of days. cheers
    Key keithsw1111! Haven't been out to see your display yet this year, but just wanted to say thank you - my family has been to see your display for the past few years, it's always on the must-see list! Thanks for the enjoyment we get from it.

    I looked at the website and it says to install it into the following location: C:\Program Files\vamp plugins or C:\Program Files (x86)\vamp plugins I have done this and they extra options in xLights will not appear. Do you have any ideas?
    Good Evening just got a quick question. I just watched your video on xLights timing marks and you added a queen mary vamp plug in. You mention in the video to run the exe but there is none.
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