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    Release 2019.65 Released

    Yeah known issue and part of the risk we posted about when this one was released. Just roll back to 64.
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    Duplicate models channel setup

    You don’t. In the controller you point both outputs at the same data.
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    Controller integration; time code, midi, osc...

    I am in Sydney, Australia. First of all ... let me say that xSchedule is not today a perfect MIDI timecode source ... it sends a midi timestamp once per frame (typically 25 or 50ms) ... nowhere near the full set of codes. Why? well mainly because it is a shed load of overhead. As you see that...
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    Controller integration; time code, midi, osc...

    I looked at your zip file but there is so much there that I have no idea what relates to what and what is trying to prove what so it does not really help. If you want to resolve this you are going to need to get way more systematic about it. Like many problem solvers you seem to be throwing...
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    Controller integration; time code, midi, osc...

    I am sorry but I dont monitor forum posts so this is going to be a slow conversation as I only stumble across responses every day or two. There is a lot here to respond to so I will try to answer them. "I don't have much experience with timelord, but I will look into it. Does it act as a...
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    Windows XP support?

    We (xLights) have no interest in ensuring backward compatibility with Windows XP ... we dont deliberately break it but we also dont test it and wont fix it. Maintaining compatibility with old hardware holds everyone back.
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    Release 2019.65 Released

    2019.65 November 18 2019 — enh (keith) Support face effects on model group when all models have the same face definition — enh (keith) Warn about slow rendering due to certain pixel styles — enh (keith) Move to wxWidgets 3.1.3 and gcc 8.1.0 on windows — enh (keith) Move to wxWidgets 3.1.3 on...
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    Controller integration; time code, midi, osc...

    It works fine in all of my testing. I mostly used timelord as my test and it both sends and receives fine. You are going to need to provide details.
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    Controller ports do not match

    Dud controllers are rare. Most issues of self inflicted config problems.
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    I have an issue with LED panels in a Christmas light show

    fortunately we have to respect you before we give a toss about your opinions of others displays.
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    How to make a cheep pixel controller

    You could get something simple with esp8266. This is a hard way to do things but it works. Just don’t try to have too many of them.
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    Starting My Setup (a bit of advice needed)

    The zoom room is full all day every weekend and most weekdays including right now.
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    Starting My Setup (a bit of advice needed)

    Jump into zoom and ask there. That way folks can see your setup and ask questions. At this time of year it is the most efficient way to get setup.
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    Release 2019.64 Released

    2019.64 November 9 2019 — enh (scott) Added Pixlite and EasyLights Controllers to the Controller Selection Dropdown. — enh (keith) Make lyrics entry dialog resizable — enh (dkulp) Add zlib compressed FSEQ support — enh (keith) Add degrees setting to sphere model — bug (gil) Fix effect alignment...
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    Has anyone created a mega tree that just used a single Raspberry Pi + Falcon-PiCap before as it's pixel controller?

    Yes. Unless it is the only prop you have it is a very expensive and fiddly way to do things.