Release 2022.21 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2022.21 October 28, 2022
— enh (dkulp) Much faster algorithm for finding frames in the RenderCache, should speed up initial rendering after load
— enh (dkulp) macOS: RenderCache uses mmap to reduce actual memory usage and allow the OS cache to handle loading/discarding
— enh (dkulp) macOS: Add RotoZoom to Metal based GPU rendering engine
— enh (dkulp) macOS: Add Plasma to Metal based GPU rendering engine
— enh (dkulp) Several performance improvements for the Parallel job pool
— enh (scott) Several updates for Experience Lights controllers
— enh (gil) PolyLine enhancement. Add ability to define which segment owns the pixel at each endpoint.
— enh (dkulp) Display submodel effect rendering status as tool tips in Rendering progress dialog
— bug (dkulp) Fix Shift/Two Finger panning on TouchPad when not viewing from front
— bug (gil) PolyLine: Fix #Lights/Node not working when > 1. Still fails when Icicle drops are used. Working on it.
— bug (dkulp) Fix problems with GPU rendered effects saving as “black” into RenderCache
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash when creating new sequence if “More Options” button is used aand certain other values are adjusted
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash in “Log Rendering Status” if models have finished
— bug (keith) Fix crash after removing a submodel from a group
— bug (dkulp) Fix display of model groups when some models are added/removed
— bug (keith) Context menu of SubBuffer has options that don’t make sense in that context and can cause a crash
— bug (keith) RGBW doesn’t always zero out the unset channels
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash with certain effects if they occur after a GPU rendered effect
— bug (dkulp) Fix fire effect on “Per Model Per Preview” render buffers
— bug (dkulp) Fix fire effect on submodels with non-default render style
— bug (dkulp) Honor the “max group size” in more cases to avoid massive render buffers

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