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30 per m/ 10ic matrix.

Discussion in 'Mega, Mini, Spiral & Pixel Trees' started by Binkles, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Dec 11, 2012
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    I've been doing too much surfing of the web recently. I can't do much when it comes to the house, we rent and as there are very little places to attach anything (no gutterings, boards, just brick) I'm having to look at more stand alone ideas.

    I was sent the link pacman vs jaws, and although its ccr, it looks like it has the same 3 led per ic that ray wu sells.

    After looking at the video, it looks to be a full 5m wide, with 12 high.

    After doing all my pixel counts, I couldn't do the full 5m to start, but can do 42 per row, and have about 30 pixels left to play with. (Without ordering another controller - worst case scenario).

    Has anyone stumbled across a how to? Dimensions etc?

    He's anyone seen something like this irl? How did it look?

    Thanks for reading.

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